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Step into the original meeting place of the state legislature, explore Wisconsin’s territorial beginnings, and experience the founding of its government.

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Visiting First Capitol brings you back to Wisconsin’s beginnings, in the rooms where it happened! It was within the walls of these restored historic structures that debates raged over how this new territory would govern itself. While at First Capitol, you can browse engaging exhibits and walk through the halls where the framework for Wisconsin’s government was crafted, including the establishment of a judicial system, roads and railroads, and naming Madison as the permanent capital city. You can enter the Council House where Wisconsin history was made and visit the Court House where the state legislators were housed during these early sessions. 

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Enter the council house where Wisconsin history was made. Decades after the session, the building was moved, converted into a private residence and later a livestock barn. The house was later brought back to the site and restored in 1924


Explore the building where the state legislators were housed during these early sessions. Despite its name, court sessions were never held here. After the session, it became the residence of Territorial Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles “The Court” Dunn before being moved across the street and converted to a livestock barn. The house was moved back to the site and restored in 1956.

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